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SWS-LP7310, 4 Cell Stainless Steel Junction Box

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SWS-LP7310, 4 Cell Stainless Steel Junction Box

The SWS-7310A Stainless Steel junction boxe features a very small platform with signal trim for 4 load cells. One multi-turn potentiometer per load cell that shunts the output and two series output isolation resistors that limit zero interaction. Screw Block terminals simplify wire connection. Rated for wire size 26 to 14 AWG. Five nylon strain reliefs are included for load cells & indicator cables. NEMA 4X Rated and gasketed for corrosion resistance. The size of the SWS-7310A Junction Boxes make them an excellent replacement for low profile Warehouse/Floor scales. 

Dimensions: 6" x 4.5" x 1.5"h.

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