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Scale Weighing Systems, Ultra-Low Profile, LED Digital Floor Scale with Ramps

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Part Number:SWS-7620ULP-LED

Scale Weighing Systems, SWS-7620 Series Ultra-Low Profile industrial floor scales are rugged mild steel floor scales, ideal for general purpose weighing applications. With a platform height of only 1.5 inches and two 12" ramps, these floor scales allow easy access to and maneuvering of all types of load handling. The SWS Series digital electronic floor scales weigh in either pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg)weigh modes plus additional functions include Hold(for Animal Weighing) , Check-Weighing and Totalization.   

  The SWS-7620 Line of Ultra-Low Profile floor scales are fully electronic and were designed to give accurate and repeatable results with every weighing. The SWS-7620ULP is available in a 3` x 3` Platform size and the "Live" siderails mean loads larger than the platform can be weighed with ease. Heavy Duty Ball-Capture Feetare included and allow for setup on uneven surfaces.

   The SWS-7620 Ultra-Low Profile Floor Scale LED Indicator is Stainless Steel (NOT PAINTED STEEL, NOT PLASTIC). Connected to the platform with a 20` Steel Braided Cable allows the Display to be positioned away from the base without the worry of those pesky rodents chewing the cable. 

   The SWS-7620-ULP-LED Series Floor Scales are AC/DC, and the built in rechargeable battery last ( Aprox. 100 hrs ). The bright red 1" high LED makes the display visible from across the warehouse. The 7620 Series also features an easy to use Over / Under indication with rugged construction. The Scale Weighing Systems Series Floor Scale is your ideal,economical weighing solution for applications such as Portion Control, Straight Weighing or Over / Under weighing. The SWS-7620-ULP-LED Display Indicator can be Wall-Mounted or set on the Desk-Top with the included bracket. An optional telescoping display stand ( pictured below ) is available and is adjustable from 39" - 60 " high.