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Torrey EQB 50/100 Bench Scale, 100 lb x 0.02 lb NTEP, Legal for Trade

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Part Number:TEI-EQB 50/100

  Tor-rey EQB-50/100, 100 lb x 0.02 lb Bench Scale

The TORREY EQB 50/100 is a Legal for Trade Bench / Shipping Scale with a 50kg / 100lb capacity that reads in increments of  0.01kg and 0.02lbs. The EQB 50/100 was built for accuracy, durability and reliability in shipping and receiving environments. 

The Tor Rey EQB 50/100's comes with a large back-lit, alphanumeric LCD Display is easy to read even in dimly lit areas. The EQB's 19" x 15" Platform is built to withstand the daily use of a shipping dock and still deliver accurate weights over and over again.

The Torrey EQB-50/100 comes with a rechargeable battery that will run for up to 100 hours on a full charge. This allows the EQB 50/100 to used in any location even when there is no electricity available. 

The Torrey EQB 50/100 was designed to stand up to the rigorous environment of shipping stations, receiving docks and warehouses. 

The EQB 50/100 can also be connected to a PC or Printer thru the Serial Port (RS-232).

Torrey EQB 50/100 Bench Scale Specifications:

Capacity:50 kg /100 lbs
Minimum Division:0.01 kg / 0.02 lbs
Maximum Tare:To Capacity by Subtraction
Display:Back-Lit LCD
Rechargeable Battery:Included, 100 hours
Communication:Serial, RS-232 9 Pin Port
NTEP, Legal for Trade:Yes, CC# 98-206A2
Platter Size:19" x 15"
Scale Size:15" W x 25" D x 23.5" H
Net Weight:28 lbs
Shipping Weight:32 lbs