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Scale Weighing Systems, 60 lb Price Computing Scale

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Part Number:SWS-PCS-60

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  Scale Weighing Systems SWS-PCS-60 Legal for Trade Price Computing Scale

The Scale Weighing Systems PCS-60 Price Computing Scale has a Dual-Range 60 lb capacity reading in .01 lb increments up to 30 lbs and switching to .02 lb increments up to the 60 lb capacity making it the perfect solution when portability and accuracy are a must in the retail weighing industry.

The SWS-PCS-60 is NTEP Certified, Class III and Legal for Trade making it perfect option for use in commercial retail settings. The NTEP Certification can be seen here: NTEP CC# 13-109

The SWS-PCS-60 has a large easy to read display on the operators side as well as a second display on the customer side displaying the Weight, Unit Price and Total Price. 

 The Scale Weighing Systems PCS-60 Boast 265 programmable PLU's (price look ups)... so it can accommodate a larger item list than all portable price computing scales currently available. SWS-PCS-60 has 9 Direct PLU's for the most used items and 256 indirect PLU's. 

SWS-PCS-60 can be paired with a Godex DT4 Barcode Label Printer to print an adhesive label with the "Item Name", "Barcode", "Packed On" and "Sell By" Date, "Price/lb", "Total Weight", "Total Price" as well as the "Store Name" on a Standard CAS #8010 or on a CAS #8040 Label with Safe Handling Instructions or up to 4 lines of ingredients on a CAS #8020 Label. The Bar-Code Format is User-Selectable from 14 preset Bar-Code Formats to ensure compatibility with most POS Systems.

The PCS-60 is the perfect weighing solution for Fruits & Vegetables at a Farmers Market, Jelly Beans in a Candy Store or Ribeye Steak and printing a label in a Butcher Shop.

Scale Weighing Systems PCS-60 Specifications:

 Model No




15kg / 30lb / 500oz

30kg / 60lb / 1000oz


0-6kg: 2g / 6-15kg: 5g

0-15kg: 5g / 15-30kg: 10g

0-15lb: 0.005lb / 15-30lb: 0.01lb

0-30lb:0.01lb / 30-60lb:0.02lb

0-200oz: 0.1oz / 200-500oz: 0.2oz

0-400oz: 0.2oz / 400-1000oz: 0.5oz

 Max Display  Weight



 Tare range

6kg / 15lb / 200oz

15kg / 30lb / 400oz


Included, for PC or Label Printer Connection

 Bar-CodeUser Select-able from 14 Preset Formats

 Max memory(PLU)

265 including 9 direct PLU(Address: 1-9)
or 265 indirect PLU(Address: 001-265,
and Addr1-9 can be used as a direct PLU also

 Zero range

Power-on zero range:calibration zero point-3%/+10%FS;
Zero Key range:power-on zero±2%FS

 LCD display

0.56”,18 digits:6 digit for weight reading,6 digit for unit price,6 digit for total price

 Unit price range

0.00 – 9999.99 $/kg, $/lb or $/oz

 Total price range

0-999.99$ (limited by bar code print function, otherwise, it can be up to 9999.99$)

 Working temp.

0? ~ 40?


Power supply

1)12Vdc,=500mA with positive center AC adapter or 6Vdc4AH lead-acid battery.
2)Average working current is about 200mA(excluding recharge current)
3)When using AC adapter, the lamp of “AC” is on. When charging the battery,
the lamp of “CHARGE” is on.

Rechargeable battery life

The rechargeable battery can make scale work for more than 12 hours after fully
recharged (when the battery voltage is below 5.6v, the lamp of “Lo.bat” is on, and
beep for 10 seconds and then auto off.)

 Scale dimension

W x D x H: 295mm x 340mm x 110mm, 11.61” x 13.4” x 4.3”

 Platter size:

W x D: 295mm x 225mm, 11.61” x 8.86”

User Manual

EHC-PM Software Download


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