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CAS X320

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Part Number:CAS X320

Quick Overview

The CAS X320 combines innovation in industrial design and engineering excellence to create an indicator that is ideal for use in automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing applications. Constructed of a food grade, chemical resistant, high tech composite alloy. Impervious to detergents and cleaning chemicals.

  • Washdown Indicator
  • Highest Environmental Protection Rating IP69/68
  • Impact Resistant
  • Manufactured with High Tech Composite Alloy
  • Encapsulated Components
  • Capacitive Keyboard-Knife, Scissor, and Sharp Tool Proof
  • Connect up to 4-350 ohm Load Cells
  • Checkweighing Annunciators
  • Supplied Bi-directional RS-232 Serial Port
  • Lb/oz/g-Unit Switchable or Fixed Unit(lb/oz/kg/g/ton)
  • Stainless Desk/Wall Mount Included