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Tor-rey Pro-Kold MCRU-100WL, Remote Lift Glass Refrigerated Meat, Seafood Case

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Part Number:PK-MCRU-100WL-NCU
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Tor-rey Pro-Kold MCRU-100-WL Remote Lift Glass Refrigerated Meat/Seafood Case

This unit requires a remote Condenser System and is not included

The Pro-Kold MCRU-100-WL, 98" Wide, White Refrigerated Meat/Seafood, Curved Lift Glass Display Case is the perfect Large Meat Case that is easy to use providing years of service displaying Beef, Pork, Seafood, Chicken and other Meat products to your customers in your meat market, taqueria or supermarket.

The MCRU 100-WL increases sales by keeping your displayed products from drying out due to the Gravity Coil Cooling System eliminating waste and providing for the freshest products for you customers to choose from. The MCRU also has a rear freezer storage area for overstock. 

  The Pro-Kold MCRU comes standard with the latest technology in LED Lights making the case more efficient and the product more visible under maximum illumination. Two Pre Painted, fully adjustable shelves can be set at the desired height and angle providing for an easy to clean professional looking surface, as well as two large glass rear sliding doors that extend the width of the unit and are removable for easy access loading and unloading during peak times and for cleaning of the interior unit.

  The Pro Kold MCRU cases can be joined together to create custom shaped display areas.


Exterior Dimensions:              98.5"W x 44" x 53"H 
Interior Dimensions:94"W x 33" D x 20"H
Compressor Power: This unit requires a remote cooling unit
Temperature Range:32ºF to 44ºF Upper, 14ºF to 21.2ºF Lower
Shelves: 2
Capacity:26 ft3
Warranty: 2 Year Parts and Labor
Additional 3 Year Compressor Coverage

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